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Why Us

Top Reasons to Work with Compass Partners

Superior Client Satisfaction – Our testimonials speak for themselves! We are easy to work with and our personalities and areas of expertise complement each other allowing us the flexibility to work with a variety of clients. Our transactions are seamless because we always go the extra mile – from moving furniture to repairing a garage door and everything in between.

Client Driven Objective – With our team – the client drives all decisions. In other words, numbers and statistics (Days on Market, etc.) don’t drive us. If you have a specific price you want to attain and don’t care how long it takes to get it then we don’t either.

Concierge Services – We provide services that many of our competitors do not offer (e.g. we cover the cost of an initial home staging appointment, use a professional architectural photographer, create a dedicated home website and always produce professional glossy brochures/mailings). In addition, we will host as many open houses as it takes to get your house sold and provide additional access to advertise in Sotheby’s publications.

Negotiation and Strategy – Kim and Mike both have strong business backgrounds from two of the largest consulting companies in the world (Kim at Accenture and Mike at Bain). We are able to leverage our backgrounds in order to provide unique business, strategy and negotiation skills in our real estate transactions.

Cutting Edge – We are constantly monitoring local market trends and implementing the most effective and impactful ways to market real estate by trying new things before others have even heard about them.

Active Communication – Our team is available to you every step of the way. We offer regular feedback throughout the process and are responsive to your needs.

Impactful Global Marketing – We have access to an amazing collection of Sotheby’s
International Realty resources and marketing tools. With these tools and resources, we develop unique, customized and impactful marketing plans for every client and property we represent. Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to attract buyers both nationally and internationally.

Community Focus – Clients appreciate the unique perspective we are able to offer. With five kids between the two of us, we have extensive knowledge of the local schools, resources, organizations, activities and neighborhoods. Kim and Mike have their roots deeply planted in the Marblehead community. Kim is a lifelong resident of Marblehead and Mike lives in town and chose to start the brokerage there as well.

24/7 Access – We manage our schedules so that a team member is ALWAYS available to address any concerns or needs.

Legal Insight – Mike has a law degree and understands the legal complexities involved in real estate transactions. This has proven to be very helpful to our clients in understanding and navigating some of the issues that come up during transactions.